Weave Roadmap

This page is to outline the vision and progress of Weave. Broken down into the sections on the right, this roadmap will go over the various features planned and in development. Each feature will be labeled in the following way:

  • indicates the feature is launched
  • indicates the feature is in active development
  • indicates the feature is planned

Everything is subject to change, feature that are launched may be unlaunched, and features in development may be axed at any given time. Feel free to reach out on the github repo at https://github.com/MikeFreno/weave-t3 or by email at michael@freno.me

Core Features

The main feature of the app.

  • Chat Channels
  • Voice Channels
  • Video Channels
User Interface

These features are mainly in reference to the way the app looks, and the way that you as a user interact with it

  • Mobile experience improvements to web app
  • Mobile experience improvements to front-page
  • Accessibility improvements (catch all for blindness, color blindness support, font-size changes, etc.)
  • Real name vs Pseudonym Preference
  • Real name usage alerts
  • Availability indicators on user icon
  • Show user on comment icon click/hover
User / Account

These features regard your control over your account

  • Getting Google authentication enabled
  • Multiple auth methods for one account, such as Email, and Google
  • Account Deletion
  • Friends
  • Direct Messaging

These features regard how servers function

  • Message Link Preview
  • Message Attachments
  • Message Reactions
  • Code Blocks in Messages
  • Syntactical Highlighting in code blocks - language will need to be declared for this
  • Server Aesthetics defined by owner / admin
  • Server Admin
  • Server Templates
  • Channel Deletion
  • Real name vs Pseudonym Preferences
  • Public Server Listing

These features regard the usage of bots

  • Pre-made Bots
  • User defined bots

These features don't neatly fall into any of the previous categories

  • User Search
  • Server Search
  • Desktop App
  • Mobile Apps
  • Usage Statistics
  • Privacy Policy Documentation
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